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Q: What is the difference between Spiritual and Religious?

A: “Spiritual” is concerned with the Spirit that lives individually in each of us.  “Religious” refers to a specific set of beliefs concerning the Spirit that were taught or otherwise endorsed.

Q:  What is the Spirit? Is it the same as the Soul?

A: The Spirit is that part of each one of us that lives on after death, separate from the physical body.  The Spirit is even now working in ourselves, as much as we allow it to.  The Spirit supersedes the physical body and mental cognition.  Some religions consider the Soul and the Spirit the same thing — others believe the Soul is connected to our Higher Thought, but the Spirit is a separate entity.

Q:  Where does the Spirit come from?  Where is it located in my body?

A:  The Spirit was with the Creator of the Universe from the beginning.  The Creator allowed our Spirits to clothe themselves in a physical body, to experience for a short time those things only a physical body can experience in a material, temporal place.  The Spirit is in us, through us, with us constantly; it will return to the place of its genesis, to the realm of the Creator.